School Camps

Especially in summer there are many realities that organize school camps: from the religious camps to the adventure camp with routes of orienteering. Usually leave large groups composed of children (mostly the younger are children who attended the first grade), accompanied by educators and entertainers who live away from their families an experience that lasts about a week.

Contrary to common thought of most apprehensive parents, these are positive experiences both older kids and for younger children who learn with their friends to be more independent in simple everyday actions. More in some school camp than in other camp, educators aim to achieve this goal: they choose to stay in a self-management structure where it is “dependent” of the participants not only care and hygiene of each one, but also of the house where you live, so they have to spend a day punctuated by hours where they can play alternating with hours of operation (cleaning of bedrooms and bathrooms or washing-up), in the view of sharing and respect for each other.

You can not balme at those parents who think their child will cry away from home: infact it’s a very common scene that takes place during the last day, for the imminent resumption homeward. I can assure you that the only concern are you, parents, then … prepare them the suitcase and let them go!

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Social Tour è il team di autori che si occupa dei testi per il portale turistico specializzato in vacanze per gruppi, in cui puoi trovare offerte di case per ferie e strutture adatte ad accogliere gruppi numerosi e famiglie.

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