Val Trompia, a valley to discover a few km from Brescia

The wide geographical catchment area of the Valle Trompia is located behind the city of Brescia. It composed of eighteen common stretches for 40 km between basins and mountain spurs along the path of the river Mella.

The history of these places can be traced through the museums of the thematic “The Way of the Iron and Mines”, the discovery of the traditional mining and steel industry: from extraction of iron ore in the mine and S. Aloisio of Collio at the Mine Marzoli of Pezzaze, today Museum Mines, processing metal in the oven Museum of Tavernole, the manufacture of iron at the Museum of Sarezzo The Magli and the village of Maglio di Ome production gun making at the Museum of Arms and How to join the tradition of Gardone VT

Those who love to immerse themselves in the memory can be fascinated by the rural life of the mountain through the collection of objects characteristic of the Ethnographic Museum of Lodrino or visit the Museum of the Constellations of Lumezzane, the discovery of the starry sky. The environment and nature, in fact, have always been a hallmark of the economy and life Triumplina. To deepen the bond between the mountain and the human activities that take place there you can join the tour routes of the thematic “The forest tells”, proposed by the Ecomuseum Valle Trompia.

The path “the way of the sacred and the art” features works of art by religious flavor through some sites specimens (eg. The Parish of Mitre in Nave, the monastery complex of S. Maria degli Angeli in Gardone, the Church S. Filastrio in Tavernole, the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Bovegno to Pezzaze). The course explains the different types of places of worship in the area, including those related to the figure of Pope Paul VI (eg. The Paul VI Collection of contemporary art, the Birthplace of the Pope and the Museum of the Crib Paul VI in Concesio) .

To complete the picture of local life then do not miss events and festivals: socializing to celebrate the local flavors (including cheese Nostrano Valtrompia DOP, the spit and jams), festivals, especially in summer, animate the streets and squares of the villages.

There is even the focus for athletes: the renewed ski slopes of Mount Maniva, with hospitality facilities that allow you to fully enjoy your days on the snow, the hiking trails passable on foot and by bicycle.

Other on-site activities can be:

Sport Fishing the Lakes Ravenola

Two of the most romantic lakes in high altitude of the whole area offer the possibility of sport fishing for trout and char. And ‘authorized fishing float, fly and even archery. Adjacent to the lakes there is a small chalet useful foothold. The lakes can be reached down to the right near the pass Dasdana.

Sport Fishing Lake Lavena

Lake Lavena offers fans of fishing a body of water of considerable size where you can undermine arctic char and trout. Authorized both the traditional fly fishing. The lake is located on the road between the step and the Dasdana Crocedomini Pass about 4 km from the latter.

Mountainboard Brescia – Valtrompia Park

The Mountainboard is a sport derived from snowboarding and table also has much in common with the skateboard, from which it differs in the larger of the board, for the four rubber wheels and for attacks that allow the blocking of all or part of the feet . The Association mountainboard Brescia, offers training solutions, courses and individual lessons, for learning Mountainboard thanks to the work of his teachers recognized by the Italian federation.

The Museum of the Great War

A few steps from kiloometri maniva autumn 2014 was inaugurated the Museum of the Great War, with important finds and an interesting historical excursus about the war in Maniva. You will have the pleasure of admiring military accoutrements, weapons and firearms, various uniforms of various armies, gas systems, and even the various systems flamethrower.
The museum is located near the town of San Colombano (Bs).

The Golden Nail

The Chiodo Golden identifies a physical point of the Earth’s crust that marks the transition between different geological ages. In scientific language is called GSSP (Global Stratigraphic Section Point – Stratigraphic Section and Point Global), commonly known as nail d’Oro (Golden Spike) .The Valle del Caffaro is crossed by the Rift of Valtrompia, between Lodrone and Mount Maniva; This fault line divides the valley into two geologically different areas. The site is located in Bagolino (Bs).

Discover our structures in Val Trompia:

House in Alta Val Trompia – Brescia ref. 251

Holiday home 10 minutes from Brescia ref. 535

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