The sports retreats: sports and holidays together is online for the past two months, and each day brings to our staff numerous requests for group holidays, among them there are so many tours and retreats for children’s sports, teams, associations and sports clubs.

Active holidays full of movement and sport, with friends and teammates, to experience the holidays together as a time of growing together, living together in and practice of the beloved sport. These retreats, held in most cases during the summer due to school commitments of the boys, they offer the opportunity to continue their training activities both competitive and recreational level.

The associations and sports teams looking for most large tourist facilities equipped with sports facilities such as soccer fields, volleyball courts, gyms and swimming pools, with valid residence formulas that combine the sport exciting evening entertainment in seaside resorts The beach service and entertainment for spare moments. During the retreats are organized sports tournaments and friendly matches between the team and local holidays, or between two teams that are staying in nearby locations to make this sport exciting holiday for kids. Moreover, given the young age of the participants, which can range from a minimum of 8 years to a maximum of 17 years, requests resorts are also interesting from a cultural point of view, in order to participate in educational excursions and historical-artistic interest, suitable able at the age of the boys.

Stays in the sports offered for retreats, cost is always included in addition to living with the treatment required, the use of sports equipment inside the building or in some cases those in the immediate vicinity, such as sports halls and gyms, walking distance or made available by private bus from the hotel. For the choice of meals, in many cases agreed with the coach, facilities seeking to draw menus suitable for those who practice sport, with light but nutritious meals. Some facilities are also offered the service of washing the uniforms, and sports such as cycling is offered service workshop for maintenance of the bicycle. In many sports groups, in most cases, is offered a free for a coach and an athlete. Prices for a stay of sports, they are convenient thanks to the reservation for a group of several boys sleeping in dormitories, and thanks to the choice of the booking period, which occurs in periods of low or middle season.

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  1. Nicola rossato says:

    Buongiorno società sportiva di villabartolomea Verona vorremmo fare un mini ritiro con i nostri ragazzi avendo 2/3 campi .ci sono 3 squadre .L età parte da 6/10 anni e chiediamo una struttura vicina a noi .Come gruppo siamo appena ricostituito dobbiamo chiedere alle famiglie .se si può avere in autogestione o anche gestito dai proprietari .Non vorremmo spendere molto .grazie

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