Groupage: saving to go on vacation

Groupage is a French term that literally means “group“. It is used mainly in transport, but also as a terminology to identify a group holiday.

For “groupage holiday” means a type of holiday or stay with a limited number of places, that if the maximum number of participants or at least the required conditions, to book a room with coordinated services, at an affordable price.

To give an example:

a hotel decides to provide 10 double rooms, for a period of one week in December, including Christmas and a hike to a really low price, with the condition to be occupied all 10 rooms and all the period. If all goes correctly, the advertised price will be maintained and applied, but if the rooms are not fully occupied or not for the entire period, then the landlord may change the price or cancel maggiorandolo completely different reservations.

This type of holiday can save considerably on the stay, while maintaining excellent value for money; groupage can be joined by individuals, families or organized groups.

Because the hotel owner, or manager of a tourist facility should create stays groupage?

Are formulated packets groupage to try to ensure a greater number of prenotazi0ni, in order to more easily fill the structure in almost all periods of the year, especially for large structures and with many beds. During the low season where the requests are few but also in high season, remained empty for periods or for short stays.

Groupage in some cases, are included in the package also transfers to holiday resorts, such as airline flights, the routes by train or bus rental.

The Groupage is, at this time, a great alternative to staying independent, given by real savings while purchasing holiday packages, with accommodation in hotels, residences or holiday homes and retired with treatment with additional services, which can be hiking, lunches and theme dinners, beach service, including special agreements … all at competitive prices, just satisfying the required conditions.

An example from the point of view of a group of families.

A group of families comprising 15 people, including adults and children, decides to participate in an offer Groupage, for a stay of seven days in September in Sardinia to the cost per person of € 300.00. The requirement to profit for the offer and that there will be a number of participants less than 30 people by August 15.

Given Group should be added to at least 15 other people in order to qualify. It will be the landlord or the agency to keep the group updated on the actual availability of the package and at maturity to release the bid. After a few days to the first group joins a family of 4 persons, and a couple of friends, for a total of 21 reservations. One week after the deadline, another group of families with 10 people accept the offer, for a total of 31 actual bookings. The living Groupage went to work and you will comply with the proposed price. Suppose that the initial group of 15 people had not added any, the landlord must notify the expiry of the offer price plus the new and at this point will be the group of families to decide whether to accept.

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